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Recently I was introduced to a new way to monetize your website and make money online by using this service called SpeakToMe. SpeakToMe is a unique way of earning money online where clients or visitors pay to speak to you via a widget that can be embedded on your site. Your role is as an expert who advises customers or visitors on certain things they need help with and to interact with them in a personal level while customers pay by the minute for the opportunity to be able to talk with you.

One of the best things about SpeakToMe is that all experts (people who are members of SpeakToMe) get 80% of all revenue made by themselves. Yes, 80%. Tell me what other advertising network or money making programs online that pays you that high a percentage rate of your earnings. If you compare the percentage revenue which SpeakToMe takes away from your earnings, which is 20%, with another program that you can use to monetize your site such as Backlinks, which takes 50%, I’m pretty sure you would find SpeakToMe an interesting alternative. After all, who wants to do all the work of attracting customers and then have other people take away such a huge revenue percentage. If you are a new webmaster who wants to join SpeakToMe but has no capital to start with, do not despair as SpeakToMe has no startup costs.

Payment is made via check which gets mailed to you at the beginning of every new month. The payment is taken as your net earnings five days before the payout.

And now the best part of all. Ted Murphy which is the president of SpeakToMe has generously offered a guaranted $50 CPM for all those who email him at You must email him to be accepted into the guarantee program, so please do not forget to email him. He will pay $25 upon signing up and another $25 for trying out the product. Guys, this to me is the most insane offer ever, you simply have to try this out. The service is good and there is even a guarantee $50 CPM, which means you have absolutely nothing to lose at all.

Don’t wait, try out this new method to monetize your website now.

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