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my 1st review on Webnode

06/11/2008 16:12

My initial review on

Hurm, I have been using this webnode system for my webpage for almost a week now (I decided to use it and become premium after finding good review about it by other users), well in terms of simplicity - yes it is quite simple to use, almost everything is there, I just click and drag- publish, copy paste, click and drag. To build a fast page, I would say webnode is quite reliable especially for newbies. It helps to cut-it-short otherwise requires certain webby tech skills to implement.

However, I do encounter some issues, maybe minor - but I think any issue arise on a web hosting company can be a lethal issues thus requires same amount of attention from its developer.

The 1st issue is HTML compatibality -  I encounter this after trying to put up ads setup for google adsense and some other banners from my affliates, by copy and paste the provided html code. 1st I thought maybe it requires certain amount of time but after three days, it still not up, then I began to wonder did I did it wrong? I re-check and re-check and I don't find any.. then I wonder if I'm seriously lacking of certain knowledge here?? I contacted the admin (whoever it is..zzz) and waited waited waited, till today at this time, there's no improvment, theres no reply at all... :( - that's the 2nd issues, an to me thats major!

Now I wonder if this webnode is for real or just.... I mean if I made mistakes my self,shouldn't there be any kind of assistance or advises I could get from the admin??

Later I wanted to verify to google that I owned my site ( and to do that I have to set a Meta Tag or send HTML file, and guess what, I can't don both. Webnode is so simple click-drag method that I don't know where to find HTML editor. Ok, maybe it's there, but where? if it's there, it should have been more user friendly so it's easy to locate and use. - That's the 3rd issues.

And there's many more - but this one I still can 'close 1 eye' :P

- adjusting the templates sizes manually, gadgets, bloggers friendly features, and java or other system support, etc etc.. perhaps it is me who haven't familiar with webnode but as I said, where is the help.

Hurm.. anyway, don't jump into conclusion yet (maybe there's somthing going on), I will keep waiting and PLEASE webnode do somthing FAST!

For the time being, I like to blog at my  and at Cheers guys.


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