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Making money from the net...... serious???

07/10/2008 15:58

Nah, after years and years talking, thinking and scratching about it (dreaming a lots too), finally today I JUMPED! Yes, I jumped in - into this internet industry. My hope all this years still remain the same - to build steady stream of passive income. My God.. please make it real this time.

Making money from the net is indeed an attraction to any person on earth. Well some might have very low interest on it, but they still do. Hey, who else will not love the idea of getting money streaming passively into his / her bank account every second? Event if it's only a cent a day, the idea of money keep flowing again and again is so good to resist. Who don't like money? huh! gimme please.. I'm happy enough to give you may flat account. Nah, who don't need money...

Then I remember not so old quote saying 'money is source of all evil', hwuu hwa hwa hwa huuuuuuuuuu, sound so religious and scarry.. to some. But then I also learned that that statement is provided for a very good reason, and yet it does not carry immediate direct conclusion as money is the source of all evil. I believe 'money is subject to evil manipulation'. That's it. Either you are lacking of it or you have so much of it, money can be manipulated and thus results evils deed. Not in this world (at least at this civilisation) that human can live with total absence of money. That's only happend in Heaven and Hell, not on Earth.

That means well we need money, and getting a lots of money passively and legally is one of the nicest thing on earth. Now, with the new unbeliveable but true rapid Information Technology expansion - the idea of getting passive income has become reachable. How I wish I had known internet 10 years ago and bla bla bla.... but then everything happen for a reason.

Well, for the past few days I have bee going through a lots of articles over the net on making money from the net, and it's make a real dizzy in my brain now. I notice that my good friend whom have started his internet business since 1997 has now in a very solid financial situation. Hes getting more income than ever, and God, he never had to have formal work. A week ago he was working from a beach in front of a 5 star resort, just next door to my working place. How is that? i don't want to envy others, but frankly, what he's doing is exactly what I wanted to do all this while.........

BTW, you can check one of hiw web here and here (his 1st ever webpage).

Today I jumped! It didn't take longer than 5 minutes to charge my almost dead full Credit Card to own me a new website and a domain name. Thus is born. Oh God, let the baby blessed and may it grow well to become a good tree that will bear endless fruitful income. Amen.


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